Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fun at the Playboy Mansion

Wowzers..yesterday was a highlight in my career as a floral designer kids.. I assisted Zoe Productions, an event company I  freelance for,with their event at the Playboy Mansion. When you grow up, a child of the 70's, hearing and seeing stories about this iconic landmark and it's crazy reputation you kinda have a bit of an image in your mind, to say the least.

I expected to arrive there and find a decadent adult Disneyland with playmates running about to and fro photo shoots and hustle and bustle of deadlines being met. I was not expecting to find a gentle, beautiful estate surrounded by a protected redwood forest and the most lovely flora and fauna. The Mansion itself is a gorgeous, almost castle like,gothic building with a graceful English estate feel.It was a tad fairy tale-ish looking. And yet, the infamous grotto (where I imagined Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson "doin' it.." don't ask) was kinda skeevy.

The outdoor bar and bathroom's...old and run-down.Like forgotten, almost. Actual Playboy Bunnies did arrive and used the gym downstairs (incidentally this was also our main changing room) to get ready for the party.
Which was surprising again. I expected that they had a dressing room at least in the main house.I spent most of my time trying not to watch what a million men would give their souls for: disrobing giggling bunnies.

Anyway, I am posting a few pics of the lovelier parts of the estate for your viewing not the naked bunnies you pervs,but other just as lovely creatures...


  1. They actually have peacocks?!

    My friend Maxine also went to the Mansion on business and sent me a photo of her with Hef. Disgusting. xo

    1. Hi Sister Wolf! I'm so honored! You're blog is the best reading on the web.
      Yeah they do...even white ones! HAHA. The most shocking thing about the place was how rundown and badly in need of renovation it is. I bet you will be thrilled to know that a over 200 of their guests(attending a conference there?) contracted Legionnaires disease back in Feb of 2011. True story.They linked the bacteria back to the infamous "grotto".Now that's disgusting!