Monday, April 30, 2012

What a busy week we had!

A few highlights from the floral arrangements we delivered this week. Such great customers called in to place orders. We are very grateful thank you!

Friday, April 20, 2012

More than a Dozen ways to do a dozen

Ah, the infamous dozen red rose arrangement. The easiest but least inspiring arrangement you could ask your florist to design. Men mostly ask for this arrangement. I don't know why this particular design is so ingrained in their brain. Maybe because of Valentines advertising year after year. It's a classic, know doubt,but gentlemen there are so many other ways to present your lady (or gent) with red roses.Don't worry you still impress them....but in a different way. They'll think your a flower ordering genius!

Here's an example from today's delivery. I love red with lavenders and purples together. It's a rich,elegant look.This arrangement is in a wooden cigar box. Perfect for a male recipient too.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lovely customer Kevin

So, today, I had the wonderful pleasure of talking to a very sweet man named Kevin. He found me first on Yelp and then made his way to my blog. He was such a doll and gave us an order for his lady. He took the time to describe her: warm, big hearted, eclectic, natural, funny....and important.I like that he said that.His card message to her was beautiful and made me realize, yet again, why I love my job. I think there is nothing in the world like receiving a well- made,thoughtful and beautiful arrangement. I hope he doesn't mind that I'm writing about him. Sometimes my customers touch my heart and really it doesn't matter what they spend, I want to make it beautiful for them. They deserve that.

I think more people should just learn to be kind. I worked for a very well known shop in the area and in 5 years of being there, only had 3 complaints about me. However, those 3 hurt. Always during the holiday season when I was stressed and rushed. All were not our regular customers, just people who use a florist on the holidays only.Mostly they griped because and I quote"I was being a bitch" or something in that vein. I can be a bitch but not too my customers.I might not be my usually gloriously, happy, relaxed self during a major holiday, but I really do try.But more on that subject another time.

  I think the average consumer has no idea how hectic a major floral holiday is.With mother's day looming around the corner a few words of advice friends: Give your florist a little notice, a little patience and A LOT of freedom if you trust them. And be realistic with your budget. We are hard workers and get paid very little for the art we create. We want nothing more than to make you happy. Our work is, after all, and expression of our talents, designed on demand and delivered in mere minutes and often the same day. It is a craft most of us fall into because we are artists and creative people. This isn't Starbucks and it's definitely not corporate.We stand long hours, often in the freezing cold and love every minute of it. But...we don't like overly fussy customers, those who are rude, demanding or cheap. And by cheap I mean expecting a Rolls Royce for the price of a Chevelle. If you can't afford a huge bouquet give her one exquisite blossom. Don't take it out on us. They are just flowers after all.

But Back to Mr. Kevin, kind gentleman that he was.Here's what his lucky lady received :
initial design
I added the fresh lavender from our cutting containers at the last minute just because:)

Friday, April 13, 2012

More amazing whimsical beauties from Jeremy

I'm loving the vintage key one especially!

I love rainy days

My fairy godmother gave me a wonderful vintage,electric,coffee percolator. I have been making myself Yerba Mate in it all day,The lovely Justina Fenton of Shortnin Bread gave me the tea. It's been so perfect to have all day. It's really amazing to have lovely lady friends who care about you.

The Grand Prix is going on as well today. Although I'm not a big fan ( I feel the same way about golf- a useless white man's sport) there is so
Something about the loud vroom vroom that is exciting. The fact that tons of gasoline is being wasted right now? Not so much. Not very green :(

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Look what Jeremy's making!

Funky and up cycled from coffee cans and reclaimed brass rings, hinges etc. He never ceases to amaze me with his creativity. These hanging planters are a perfect addition to your windowsill or patio. Dig em!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alice in Wonderland

I had another great customer call and request something vintage and "Alice in Wonderland-esque" for a professor at Cal State. She also told me with had the best name for a flower shop ever! Haha she really made my day and gave me great inspiration. I made the arrangement in a vintage English tea biscuit tin. The professor teaches the history of customer design. It was a wonderful challenge to make something pretty cool for her..but that wasn't kitschy. I imagine alice eating the tea biscuits and then gathering a few flowers for her lovely garden and tossing them in for mum.Silly?

I love my customers:)

An arrangement I made today for a lovely customer who called from the bay area.