Saturday, June 16, 2012

Primal Flower candles

If you haven't heard about our amazing candles you're missing out. We created this line with a candle manufacturer who does private label lines. Our candles are 100% non-GMO organic soy wax. All but one of the scents ( Apothecary) is phthalate free and one ( Serene) uses only natural essential oils. The rest are a blend of synthetic but phthalate free fragrance oils and essential oils. I'm very proud of this line. We sold out of it in 2 weeks the first time we received the order.
We have 4 new scents to add to our line: Stogie: a rich tobbaco leaf,celery seed and cedarwood blend, Alpha: a masculine, true leather scent, really unusual and sophisticated. Home: a non-cloying,rich, warm vanilla and Serene: lavender balanced with bergamot,geranium and petigrain.
Did you know that burning soy candles can kill harmful bacteria in your home?
Researchers believe that the oils react with ions in the wick and with oxygen to take on anti- bacterial properties. adding eucalyptus, orange and thyme actually benefits this process. Pretty amazing how aromatherapy works in so many wonderful ways :) and I just liked them because they smell so dang good!

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